We’re a bit different…

We are different, no doubt about that. We are one of few companies in the industry that focus on continually improving our customers experience and this includes internal customers too!

We do this by researching our customers needs, travelling overseas for inspiration and creating innovative ideas. This is how we provide customers with solutions to their problems even before they thought they had any.

We communicate with confidence knowing full well the challenges that our clients are facing every day. We focus on understanding their business needs and help them do things easier so they can have a better work life.

A workshop like no other

MadeCo is creating the most technologically advanced manufacturing plant in Australia.

Our new workspace opened its doors in 2020. The planning and architecture behind this building captures the essence of why MadeCo is different. From our state of the art machines to our wellness corner and event space, our workspace is focused on the well-being, productivity and happiness of our staff, customers and suppliers.

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The MadeCo System

The MadeCo System comprises of our custom CNC joinery solutions, innovative software and exceptional customer service.

Surprisingly, we did not create this term “the MadeCo System” the industry did back in 2007. MadeCo was one of the first companies in Victoria to provide a full turn key solution, this included 24 hour pricing & ordering software to deliver the full product to our clients customers. MadeCo still to this day are the bench-mark in this space of providing new solutions to the industry.

The MadeCo System has evolved in not just our custom solutions and innovative software, we are renowned for exceeding our client’s expectations in job scheduling and communication. This is what sets us apart and we will continually strive to improve in this space.

Progressive Sustainability

When making decisions within MadeCo, the team continually considers sustainability solutions prior to implementing a new or better way. At all times there is a balance considered between looking after the environment, the development of our people and the stableness and longevity of the company itself.

  • MadeCo is a professionally focused and innovative company, loyal to its customers and suppliers alike.

    Tony Damiano, Polytec
  • We are proud of our long association with MadeCo and we look forward to the continued journey as MadeCo continues to challenge the industry.

    Tony Damiano, Polytec
  • Working with Made Co has been a pleasure. The friendly staff, organisation and commitment to Hafele is highly regarded.

    Justin Spencer, Hafele Australia
  • It’s great to work alongside one of the leading innovators in our industry and we are excited to be a part of Made Co’s future endeavours as a preferred supplier.

    Justin Spencer, Hafele Australia
  • MadeCo’s systems are second to none when it comes to ordering, scheduling and information received during and after production.

    David Mitchell, Kitchens U Build
  • MadeCo have helped streamline our own workshop where we can confidently meet our deadlines. Loving our association with MadeCo and will continue to do so.

    David Mitchell, Kitchens U Build
  • No Fuss Kitchens have been a customer of MadeCo for 13 years, we have been very pleased with the quality and service. Matt has been our account manager from MadeCo and has always given outstanding customer service.

    Julian King & Jack Kenyon, No Fuss Kitchens
  • Owner Gary Slade (Mastermind of MadeCo) always driving to improve the company in quality, service and price.

    Julian King & Jack Kenyon, No Fuss Kitchens
  • A big thank you to the whole MadeCo team

    Julian King & Jack Kenyon, No Fuss Kitchens

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