Established in 2006, but our journey has only just begun…

Our story

MadeCo was founded by a humble cabinetmaker with a simple vision for a better work-life. Founder Gary Slade experienced first hand what it is like to run a cabinet making business. The ongoing stress of managing workload, employees, the expenses of equipment and software, plus always striving to exceed customer expectations is a common story for many in the industry.

In 2006 MadeCo was established with a single purpose; to provide a service that would streamline the workflow for cabinetmakers, freeing up valuable time and providing a better work life balance.

The simple concept of giving cabinetmakers access to custom CNC joinery was the missing link that the industry needed. Thanks to innovative software and a finely tuned production line, MadeCo single-handedly revolutionised the Australian Cabinet Making industry.

Today MadeCo is an industry leader and Gary, who has always been a trailblazer, continues to innovate and improve the MadeCo business model. His purpose however has always remained strong; to provide a better work life.

Gary’s focus on providing a superior experience for clients, suppliers and staff further increases productivity and is what positions MadeCo ahead of the game.

We are positioning MadeCo to continually transform by building a progressive culture, we capture growth opportunities and find ways to innovate, always with the end goal in mind: To provide a better work-life.

Gary Slade

MadeCo people

Name: Gary Slade

Position: Managing Director

Spends time at work: Mentoring and leading my team and the greater community, while I continue to gather knowledge to create products and services, helping make a difference to people’s lives.

Inspired by: Knowing I am doing my best to lead a legacy of change within the industry, while receiving support from my children in the risks I take, being that little bit different!

Started at MadeCo: 2006

Coffees per day: 1-2 (double shot Soy Latte or a simple herbal tea when on a monthly health stint)

On the weekends I like to: Go to my cabin in the mountains, do beach activities with friends and family or just hanging out with my dog Ruby. When possible, I also make time to focus on my personal growth and wellbeing which I find very satisfying.

Favourite saying: I don’t have one “saying” as such, I just share what comes to heart and mind at the time, often it will be words of inspiration to others such as “just be your true self and you will find the answers there”; that’s where the gold is!

Name: Phillip Gibbs

Position: IT Systems Manager

Spends time at work: As the company nerd and go to person for anything software and IT related, or stuff that just needs doing!

Inspired by: My wife and 2 sons, especially my oldest son who suffers from Autism and doesn’t allow it to stop him to achieve his goals.

Started at MadeCo: 2012

Coffees per day: Was 10 but now, 1 or 2 although lucky to get to drink them hot

On the weekends I like to: Spend time with family and friends, working on cars, attending race meets my sons are competing in or just relaxing on the farm.

Favourite saying: “Pursue your dreams no matter what hurdles you think you have in front of you. As if you don’t try, you will never reach your end goal in life.”

Name: Sam Rechner

Position: Customer Service and Logistics Co-ordinator

Spends time at work: Speaking with customers to come up with the best solutions to their challenges.

Inspired by: Music. Mostly Metal, but basically anything except pop.

Started at MadeCo: 2015

Coffees per day: 12… not even an exaggeration

On the weekends I like to: Ride motorbikes and go camping

Favourite saying: “Living the dream”

  • MadeCo is a professionally focused and innovative company, loyal to its customers and suppliers alike.

    Tony Damiano, Polytec
  • We are proud of our long association with MadeCo and we look forward to the continued journey as MadeCo continues to challenge the industry.

    Tony Damiano, Polytec
  • Working with Made Co has been a pleasure. The friendly staff, organisation and commitment to Hafele is highly regarded.

    Justin Spencer, Hafele Australia
  • It’s great to work alongside one of the leading innovators in our industry and we are excited to be a part of Made Co’s future endeavours as a preferred supplier.

    Justin Spencer, Hafele Australia
  • MadeCo’s systems are second to none when it comes to ordering, scheduling and information received during and after production.

    David Mitchell, Kitchens U Build
  • MadeCo have helped streamline our own workshop where we can confidently meet our deadlines. Loving our association with MadeCo and will continue to do so.

    David Mitchell, Kitchens U Build
  • No Fuss Kitchens have been a customer of MadeCo for 13 years, we have been very pleased with the quality and service. Matt has been our account manager from MadeCo and has always given outstanding customer service.

    Julian King & Jack Kenyon, No Fuss Kitchens
  • Owner Gary Slade (Mastermind of MadeCo) always driving to improve the company in quality, service and price.

    Julian King & Jack Kenyon, No Fuss Kitchens
  • A big thank you to the whole MadeCo team

    Julian King & Jack Kenyon, No Fuss Kitchens

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